Samuel is ONE! Under the Sea Birthday

What a crazy year this has been! Our sweet baby boy is growing at the speed of light! It seems like just yesterday I was preparing to give birth in a pandemic.. and then a year later… Well ok, we’re still in a pandemic! Needless to say, its been a weird year! Samuel was born during the first lockdown here in Ontario and he had his first birthday during the third wave of covid-19, and what was HOPEFULLY the final lockdown in Ontario!

Because of the lockdown measures, we kept it casual on Sam’s actual birthday with takeout for dinner and a small home made cake for the four of us which was nice! But I still wanted to have a little party for his FIRST birthday! So we waited..and waited and waited some more and FINALLY things started to open up in June. The new/ current measures allowed us to have a few family members over (outdoors). Although it was 6ish weeks delayed and we did not get to throw a huge party.. we were grateful o enjoy a small celebration with our parents and siblings (who we hadn’t seen in ages)!

I collaborated with Lil Penguin Parties on the party accessories and I have to say I absolutely love her under the sea collection! I went with an under the sea theme for Clara’s first birthday as well but that version was much more “mermaid” vibes and contained a whole lot of pink and purple hues. This current collection of tableware definitely has a masculine vibe which I love for a little boy birthday party! How fun are the holographic sharks!? Make sure to check her Lil Penguin Parties for more amazing party accessories!

As for putting it all together, I made the balloon garland myself. If you’ve never made a balloon garland/arch before, I will not lie, it can be quite a time consuming process, but fairly simple if you purchase a few tools to make your life easier. I purchased this balloon pump over three years ago. I use it surprisingly often and it’s still going strong! Every time I make a balloon garland, I use this “balloon tape” to string the balloons together. The name “balloon tape” is deceiving because it is not tape or even sticky at all, it’s just a long plastic strip with holes in it, and you stick the ends of the balloons through the holes. After all the balloons are attached to the balloon tape, fill in any gaps with smaller balloons, which can be stuck on to the bigger balloons with balloon glue Again, the name is deceiving as “balloon glue” isn’t really a glue, it’s more like double sided dot shaped stickers. They are super easy to use and strong enough to hold the balloons in place if you use a few on each balloon that you need to stick. Overall I find this combination full proof! Just don’t expect the process to be super quick. If you can, blow up your balloons a few days in advance so you don’t have to blow everything up and assemble on the same day!

The cake and cupcakes were made by me. I have some tutorials for DIY birthday cakes on my instagram page if you are interested in going the DIY route. And that’s pretty much is! I went very simple, DIY and inexpensive for this very small party!

Sources :

Tableware & Banner : Lil Penguin Parties
Balloons: Bargain Balloons ; Lil Penguin Parties
Shark Balloons : Etsy
Balloon Garland Accessories : Balloon pump ; Balloon Tape ; Ballon Glue
Cookies : Sweet 10 Cookies Co.

Thank you for reading!

This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from any of my links, please know I greatly appreciate your support!

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