Clara is 3! Cinderella Birthday

Our first baby is THREE years old! Given everything that’s gone on this last year, it was actually quite fun to have her birthday to focus on. I just love planning kids parties (even when we aren’t allowed to have guests outside our household – lol)!

When Clara was a baby and had no opinion of her own, I excitedly threw her a mermaid first birthday. I used purple, aqua and pink decor, lots of mermaid tails and seashells. We had tonnes of food and guests, I planned it for months and months and had so much fun in the process!

Clara’s second birthday was a bit different.. It was March 2020 which was right when essentially the whole world was beginning to lock down, so we asked all our guests to stay home except for our parents and had a low key birthday with a few Peppa decorations (Peppa Pig, was her only real interest at that age, so it was a clear theme choice). I was a bit disappointed but given that I was pretty pregnant, I was kind of ok with not having to host a large amount of people.

After a year of no social events and only porch visits, I really wanted to make Clara’s third birthday special. Even if we couldn’t have guests (again) I knew Clara would be super excited just to have decorations and cake. I wasn’t sure what to do for her theme as Clara’s favourite show was still Peppa and she’s not big on movies..I asked Clara what she wanted for her birthday and she told us a Cinderella doll (she already had Belle and Ariel). So from that request, it spun into her wanting a Cinderella-theme birthday. Clara had never even seen Cinderella, and the few times we tried to watch Cinderella (or any Disney princess movie for that matter) she wasn’t interested, so I’m not sure why she was so insistent on this theme every time we asked her, but it seemed like a sweet little theme so I ran with it!

I don’t love super cartoony and cheesy decorations, so I went subtle with the Cinderella elements. I purchased a large Cinderella balloon first as well as balloons in coordinating colours making my colour pallet in pastel blue, white and silver. Here’s a little hack – to get pretty pastel balloons, but your ballon INSIDE of a white balloon and blow up two ballons together! This was quite time consuming so I only did a few, but I think it made my balloon garland softer and prettier.

I decided to go with some unicorn plates rather than just plain blue as I figured this would be more fun for a 3 year old. Obviously there are no unicorns in Cinderella, but I thought the unicorns on the plates actually looked like the white horses that carried the pumpkin carriage. I finished off the tableware with blue and white cups, wooden forks and some blue stripe straws.

To finish off the decor, I made a few banners in the above mentioned colour scheme and I cut out a few cinderella characters. I also used leftover cardstock to make confetti in the shapes of horses (to tie in the plates), Cinderella, crowns and stars in varying sizes.

For Clara’s birthday cake, I decided to make a two tier cake for the first time in my life. I figured if I messed it up, there weren’t many guests to disappoint, so I could always pick one up from the grocery store if I was in desperate need. I did the bottom in light blue (I mixed Wilton sky blue with pink to get a purpley blue) and I attempted an ombre blue and white effect on the top tier. I was planning to buy some flowers to attach to the cake but I decided to try making my own out of gumpaste. They weren’t perfect but using these cutters made it surprisingly not too difficult and I was happy I learned something new! I went simple with the cake topper and cut out a silhouette of Cinderella’s castle on my Cricut.


Tutu : Olivia Rose
Cookies : Cookielicious by Sara
Candy : Sukker Baby
Balloons : Bargain Balloons
Tableware : Bon + Co Studio
Pom Pom Garland : Wes and Ava Supplies
Cardstock : Michaels

Thanks for reading!

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