How to Refresh Your Bedroom for Spring

We are coming toward the end of February which means Spring is just around the corner! As we continue to spend our lives mainly in the comfort of our own homes, it’s time to give a little TLC to our bedrooms! And what better time than now, as I’m sure we are all eager for some freshness in our homes. I am so thrilled to have been asked by my favourite online store, Wayfair, to share how you can refresh your bedroom for spring! Let’s get into it!

1) Give Your Bedroom a Fresh Coat of Paint

There is no easier way to transform a room than by the use of paint! If you live in a builder home where your walls are lacking personality, or if your walls are looking dull and drab, definitely consider adding a fresh coat of paint to get that light and airy look! We moved into our builder-grade home just over a year ago, and I am planning to give the walls a coat of paint this spring/summer to make my furniture pop and give the room an overall more put together look and feel. I’ll do a separate post on my favourite paint colours, but two of favourites I’ve used in my current home are Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace and Simply White.

If you have old furniture you don’t love, try painting that instead or as well (assuming its a material that can be painted!) I painted the 30 year old headboard we inherited from Eric’s childhood bedroom a few times before I purchased an upholstered bed from Wayfair. The headboard started out espresso and I painted it grey, but it is now a fun shade of pink! I used Rust-Oluem Chalked paint in the shade Blush Pink for that project! The side table in that bedroom also went from IKEA’s black-brown shade to a bright white semi-gloss.

2) Treat Yourself to Some New Bedding

Image credit : Wayfair

Light & White Bedding

Your bed is often the focal point of your bedroom, so changing up the bedding can have a huge impact on how the room looks. I absolutely love quilts! I feel like they always look crisp because they don’t wrinkle. Quilts are also generally pretty inexpensive, so it is easy to create a polished look without spending a tonne of money. We have a white coverlet set very similar to this one which comes in multiple colours if white is no your thing. If you like minimal bed coverings, a quilt may be all you need for the spring/summer months. If however, you are like me, and like the weight of a comforter on top of you, a new duvet cover or comforter might be the solution to freshen your space.

I love solid white comforters with some textural detail (this one looks almost identical to ours), but something with some pattern would also be really beautiful for spring! During the spring/summer, I keep my duvet folded at the bottom of the bed. I like the weight of piles of blankets on top of me while I sleep, but my husband leaves the comforter off on his side as he finds the quilt is enough so it’s nice to have options, especially when your partner has different preferences.

Fresh Sheets

Ok. I am totally guilty of not having a spare set of sheets! We wash our sheets every other week (which I feel like is pushing it with two kids around)! One of our kids always end up making their way into our bed at least once a week and crumbs and chocolate smears follow them wherever they go! Logically speaking, if I had more sheets, I would change them more often which would result in a fresher feeling bed! It would also be nice to put fresh sheets on our bed immediately. The worst thing is crawling into bed after a long day and realizing your sheets are still in the dryer and you haven’t made your bed yet!

For the spring/summer months, consider trying a lighter fabric for your sheets. Linen and cotton are fantastic for keeping cool because they breathe well. Linen, in particular, has natural temperature regulating properties being that it is breathable, absorbent, moisture-wicking (meaning you sweat less) and it’s naturally antimicrobial. Wayfair has tonnes of sheets you can order and have conveniently shipped to your house, but I have my eye on these gorgeous linen sheets! They just have such an easy and relaxed appearance than screams fresh!

3) Switch up Your Pillows

If you don’t already do so, try switching your pillows out for the different seasons! Removing dark pillows are a surefire way to achieve the light and airy look. Pastels or anything floral patterned are so obviously perfect for the spring and summer months. If you are short on storage or just don’t like a lot of clutter, just order covers for your pillows! Wayfair has a lot of options for covers, including this gorgeous white textured pillow. *Tip: It’s important to play with texture if you are planning to use a lot of white in your decorating!

4) Fresh Flowers and Greenery

Flowers are a clear way in which you can freshen any room at any time of the year. I don’t buy many flowers during the winter, so having flowers in my house screams spring and summer for me! Flowers can be pricey, but you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars each month on custom arrangements. If you don’t already have one, consider getting a beautiful vase which you can use over and over again! I really love the shape of this one and you can’t beat the price! It looks very similar to another one I had my eye on that is triple the price. To keep costs down, try buying flowers of a single variety from the grocery store. The tulips pictured above only cost $8 total! They are simple but so beautiful and fresh! Some of my favourite flowers include: peonies (who doesn’t love peonies!?), ranunculus, roses and hydrangea (although I really struggle keeping hydrangea alive)!

Speaking of struggling to keep flowers alive, I also love a good faux floral and I have several throughout my home. Flowers of the faux variety obviously do not need to be replaced weekly, so even though faux flowers and plants can get pricey, they can be more economical in the long term. I can’t get over how realistic these faux tulips look! I also love the fresh pop of green from floor plants as well. I love the light and airy look of an olive tree.

5) Add the Finishing Touches

Fill in those blank spaces, dress up those bare walls with art so your space can feel more complete. Furniture and accessories add up ($$) so believe me, I completely understand it’s not always feasible to complete a room transformation overnight. Even just buying one thing (or take something from another room, if you can) will make a room feel more complete. For budget reasons, I pretty much space out completing all my home projects to make my projects affordable. I will buy things over the course of a few months or even years in the case of my master bedroom!

Shop in order of what means most to you and what will have the greatest impact! We bought the most beautiful upholstered bed when I was pregnant with my daughter (so over three years ago) and for a long time that was the only nice thing we had in our room. Your bed is the focal point of your room, so if your wanting to add a new piece of furniture to your room, I would definitely start with that. I LOVE our bed! I feel like upholstered beds look and feel so luxurious, especially when they are on the taller side like ours.

About a year later, when my budget allowed me to, I purchased these gorgeous and spacious mirrored accent cabinets to use as side tables. After that it took me until I needed to stage our house to sell to get working on our bedroom again! I pick up some matching lamps and mirrors to hang over the side tables from Home Sense but these lamps and these mirrors look similar! **Tip: mirrors always make a space look larger. Our master room is still not done but it’s getting there!

First on my list of things to do in our bedroom is painting the walls! We actually already have the paint (I bought it on sale untinted). So I need to bring it back to get tinted. I just need to decide on a colour and physically put it on the walls! And then the next item will be a light fixture. I really love how this wagon wheel style chandelier is a little bit rustic and a little bit glam. Its quite light looking so it would work in a bedroom, but it is also quite substantial so it could definitely be used in a dining room as well.

On my moodboard below I included a few other things that I feel would help to complete the space, such as a rug and upholstered bench.

Let me know what you think! Do you make changes to your bedroom each season? Does your bedroom need some TLC?

Thank you for reading!

*This project was written in collaboration with Wayfair, however all items currently in my space were purchased by me

This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from any of my links, please know I greatly appreciate your support!

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