Simple Wrapping Paper & DIY Initial Name Tags

This year I went very simple with my wrapping paper. I am loving the more “natural” brown Kraft paper look, however I also added a metallic silver paper to make things a little more fun. With things so hectic in 2020, I was wishing I had a source to order wrapping paper online rather than braving a store, however I have always found the most unique wrapping paper options are at HomeSense and Michaels.

I usually get thick ribbon, but with the goal of simpler looking gifts, I decided to try something new and I picked up this thin metallic twine for about $5 from HomeSense. if you’re not wanting to go to a store, here is a similar option from Amazon. I also really love this red and white option. One of these years I am going to get out of my comfort zone and decorate with red decor for Christmas!

I also love this ribbon I bought years ago when Target was in Canada. I also love the rustic look of this burlap ribbon. By the way, who else misses target in Canada!? They seriously have the cutest things in every category!

I also found the prettiest wrapping paper at HomeSense for wrapping more delicate gifts or decorating a gift bag. HomeSense was just my go to place for everything this year. And of course, if you are in the States. leave it to Target to have super cute options as well!

When I realized I didn’t have any leftover labels /tags from last year, I decided to make my own initial tags! There is a a quick tutorial for you at the bottom of this post.

I also love the idea of including a personal ornament on top of a present, whether it’s store bought or handmade! This is our son’s first Christmas, so we made handprint ornaments for each set grandparents. We actually made the same ornaments for our daughter’s first Christmas. For some reason we got worse at making them this time as I’m quite positive these turned out more “lumpy” than my daughter’s ornaments.. but I’m going to blame this specific modelling clay and not my crafting skills! Oh well, you get the idea! I bought the kits from HomeSense (this one i similar, but it’s a different brand, so hopefully easier to work with).

DIY initials on the Cricut Air

I created these initials using my Cricut Explore Air in under ten minutes! If you don’t have a machine such as the Cricut or the Silhouette CAMEO I think you could still make these, it would just be a *little* more labour intensive.

To make these without a cutting machine, you could simply type some large letters in Word, print the letters on your computer, trace them on to some glitter cardstock and cut them out. Then use either a tiny hole punch or a pin to prick a hole for the twine or ribbon to go through, or skip the step of poking a hole and just tape it to your wrapped gift.

Use Cricut’s software “Design Space” to design your letters.

I don’t use my Circut enough to pay for their monthly subscription to access their designs, so I make everything myself.

Select the text button, and type your letter. If you don’t pay for Cricut’s monthly subscription to their designs (like me), select “System” to access the fonts on your computer. I used something similar to Times New Roman for my letters.

You can change the colour you’ll be printing with to help you visualize if you want, but it’s not necessary. Make your letter as big as you need it. My biggest letter was 4″ x 4″ and I did smaller letters for my smaller gifts.

To add the hole for the twine/ribbon to go through, select the Shapes icon and draw a tiny circle.

Put the circle where you want your hole to go.

Select the circle (“Shift” on a Mac), and then select the letter (“Shift again) , and click the “slice” button on the bottom right hand side.

Drag the letter to reveal the hole you just created. You can delete the circle you used to cut the shape plus the circle that it just cut out (delete the two circle shapes)

Select “Make It”

Attach your glitter cardstock to the green cutting mat (I just got this pack of 3 mats from Amazon, which was a lot more economical than buying them individual from Michaels). I used this cardstock on top that I purchased from Michaels in the champagne and silver glitter colours. If you don’t want to head to a store, this is a great option from Amazon. And, if you are doing pink hues, how pretty is this rose gold paper!?

Load your mat with the glitter paper on it, and turn the dial to “Custom”

On your computer, move the letter to where you want it, I usually move my letter slighly away from the edges, just in case I didn’t place my paper on the lines perfectly.

Hit Continue.

If this is your first time using glitter cardstock, hit Browse, and search “Glitter Cardstock”

If your blade is getting old, or if your cardstock is quite thick, I like to change the Pressure from Default to “More” just to make sure the paper is cut well and I don’t have to use my scissors on any parts that may not have gotten cut all the way through.

Load your mat with the arrow button on the Circut Machine and then hit the C button and watch it print.

Peel off your letters and attach to your presents and you are done!!

Let me know what you think! Will you try this simple initial tag DIY?

Thanks for reading!

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