The Most Beautiful Wallpaper on the Internet

It’s reeeally no secret that I love wallpaper! In the past I have done posts on my favourite girly wallpaper and my favourite “boy” wallpaper for kids rooms which seemed to be well received! By request, I have compiled a list of all my favourite wallpapers at the current moment that I think would be perfect in a Powder Room! Check out the bathrooms that are inspiring me right now! I’ve also included my top picks for wallpaper that I’d love to use in a powder room (or really any room)!

Gorgeous bright and blue designed by Molly Griggs Interiors

Stunning tropical and blue designed by Jill Kalman Interiors

Elegant black and white floral with marble by Amani / MyHeartNHome

Scroll-stopping bold but traditional by Victoria Balson Interiors

Gorgeous beach and classy by Pineaples, Palms, Etc.

Fun femenine coral by Aura Bristol

Gorgeous coastal and glam by Designs by Ceres, The Pink Dream

…and of course, I still love this wallpaper I used in my old bathroom

Below are my favourite wallpapers of the moment. If you’ve used any of these or plan to, please let me know, I’d love to see!!

1. “Blue Palm Leaf” by Livettes | 2. “Neutral Tropical” by Livettes | 3. “Blue Palm Leaves” by Livettes | 4. “Granada” by Serena & Lily | 5. “Star Blue” by Michelle Mathis via Spoonflower | 6. “Elegant Coral” by Livettes | 7. “Illiana” by Anthropologie | 8. “Corfu Navy” by Jennifer Latimer | 9. “Smoky Rose” by House of Hackney via Anthropologie | 10. “Pyne Hollyhock” by Schumacher via Wayfair | 11. “Subtle Floral” by Livettes | 12. “Priano Wallpaper” by Serena & Lily

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your favourite wallpapers are!

Check out the full post on the wallpaper we used in our new Powder room here!

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